Licences to the MediaPasifika front end in the media relations business are a bit expensive if you’re only a one-man band, as so many are. If you’re a four or five-person consultancy then $1k is very reasonable when you do the math. But there’s nothing to stop consultants combining as long as one person holds the baby, as it were, and does the financial admin.
And here I can offer an opportunity. Mike Rose of MRPR had put just such a combined package together last year and a couple of his members have just fallen off the twig as he renews. So he has licences going spare. Put it together with a great deal on monitoring from Mediamine and you’ve got back end as well.
Email david@mediapasifika.com to set up the connections.


Netmedia is home for a cluster of media databases — MediaPasifika, Asianmediaonline, MidiaBrasilonline and ANZmidiaonline — all driven by the unique Netmedia interactive database software.
Successive upgrades by software engineers at Digital Fusion in Christchurch have changed the back office codes, but the interface, with its clean and direct access to all media and their reporters, editors, presenters and producers, correspondents and bureau chiefs, and free built-in email and scheduling service offers all the options for carrying out media relations tasks for busy PR people.
We link with Mediamine for monitoring and analysis. Both companies are based in Wellington, for an all-Kiwi media relations service.

Order Online

I would like to order

Please send product and invoice to:

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For more information contact:
David Reade
Netmedia Ltd
tel 04 475 8166 mob 027 482 5036.


The MediaPasifika database is available online only. To purchase — copy and paste your preferred option into your email. Here are the options, with prices, all excluding gst.

Online database v2.0

MPAS online regular version continually updated for one year for one user — $600

MPAS online Multiuser version continually updated for one year for two users — $800

MPAS online Multiuser version continually updated for one year for up to five users — $1 000

All prices plus gst.

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