I challenge anybody to succeed with a skyline shot in Wellington which includes the Beehive. If you want a landscape shot for a website it’s yeah/nah and I did a complete circuit. Closeups of its rather tatty presence flanked by the solid bulk of King Dick can be picked up from various angles. But you only get portraits, of course.
So on the bike to the new cable car shed early one morning and I was lucky to catch the sun coming round from the east as it does and no wind or rain which is a bonus. And yer ’tis — as the Poms say anywhere southwest of Reading.
You see, people had been complaining. Words like ‘old-fashioned,’  ‘20th century,’  ‘untidy’ came from colleagues and even family members boasting experience in technology and design. ‘it looks like the back page of a community newspaper’ someone was unkind enough to say.
I suppose I’d thought that the 20th century wasn’t that long ago, but ok, ok, maybe I hadn’t noticed, and, true, various notables had been falling off their twigs rather untimely in recent months. So let’s do something, I said, bravely.
But the pic was just the beginning. I was forced to participate in conversations about branding even, and other esoterica. In vain I said the business ethos was summed up in one little acrostic — K.I.S.S. — and they said ‘That’s insulting. You can’t call people stupid. And anyway nobody’s used that since 1990.’
But K.I.S.S. or no, it’s turned out all right. Thanks, friends, (he says through gritted teeth) for the clean layout, the simple connections between Home page, Blogs and the databases, and keeping me from loading up with family videos, fancy fonts, shots of my cat, and quotes from anybody I’m reading at the moment.
So if you want to look at what I’ve (ok, we’ve) done, go and see what I mean about Wellington on a nice day. And pretty soon you won’t be able to go via netmediaglobal, or any other of the speculative URLs I’ve been collecting, just
And of course the very cost-effective MediaPasifika/Mediamine package — an all-Kiwi setup — is just what you need to handle media relations tasks on our patch. Not forgetting Asia and Brazil.

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